Make the task of ‘link folders’ in Windows easy

After having my hands on an iPad and with that the iTunes software, I got tired of it not handling subdirectories when synchronizing images.

A work-around is to make a copy of the images/folders to be synchronized into a different folder and then let iTunes synchronize the files in that folder in stead …
The downside of this is that iTunes seems to create a cache of all the images, so you really ends up with 3 copies of each file.

In stead of copying all files to a new folder, I made a small tool which allows ‘linking folders’ from one folder to another. It is not a Windows shortcut that one would normally use, but rather a virtual folder – so when selecting properties for the virutal folder, you get the properties of the content of the linked folder instead of, as normal, the shortcut itself.

The program works by choosing from the list, one or more folders to be created as ‘virtual folder links’, and indicate where they will be created. Then press ‘Run’ and the folders will be created.

The program itself is portable, meaning that no entries in registry will be made. the only things left are the virtual folders created and an .INI file in the same folder as the program.

Download FolderLinker

The new created folders are separate ‘units’ and can therefore easily be removed by using Windows Explorer without the pictures in the ‘real’ directory is removed.








  • v1.0
    • initial version
  • v1.0.1
    • Translated to english (from danish)
    • Removed the need to ask for admin permission to create folders

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