SMS control help

The app is designed to be simple to use, yet giving you some advanced options in sending pre-defined sms-messages.

The primary features of this app are:

  • Define one or more units with as many buttons as you like
  • Define each button with
    • Caption
    • Text color
    • message to sent
  • Delay sending of sms up to 24 hours

When first launching the app, you will be prompted to define a unit.
A unit is a device capable of receiving sms messages.

Each configured unit has can contain any number of different predefined messages.
These messages will each be put on a button, of which you also can define the caption, and it’s colour.

To make the sms messages as flexible as possible, it’s possible to use two kinds of placeholders.

  • Use one or more of the variables available under settings.To use these variables, just put %v1 to %v5 in the message. It will then be replaced with the content of the variable when sending the message.
  • Put @sometext@ (including the two @’s) in the message; you will then, when sending a message, be prompted to substitute the @xx@ part of the message with a value.
    Ex: if you have a car heater that can be set to run for a particular timespan (this case for 30 minutes) when sending a message like: ‘RUN30’, then the message for a button may look like this: ‘RUN@Minutes@’.
    When sending the message, you will be prompted for a vlaue to substitute for @Minutes@.