HeliLog – Logbook for pilots

HeliLog –  Electronic logbook for rotary-wing aircrafts.

Helilog is the first app specially designed for helicopter pilots.

There are several ‘flight logger’ apps on play store, but none of them fullfills the need for the elements to log when flying rotary aircrafts.

HeliLog Main

When starting a new flight, simply press the ‘begin flight’, and the app will register the departure airport, and time.
HeliLog NewFlight
At landing, ‘end flight’, wlll likewise register the arrival airport, and time.

The app features statistical information about the flights logged, like:

  • Number of flightdHeliLog Statistics
  • Filght time
    • VFR
    • IFR
    • Night
    • Instructor
    • By Type
  • Landings
    • Day
    • Night


At any time, the complete list of flights can be exported for external backup, printed to pdf/paper or saved to Google Drive.

Complies with AMC1 FCL.050.

The app will allow for logging 50 flights with no restrictions, before purchasing the unlock.

The app is till new, so please let us know if there are any issues with the app, or if you have any feature requests.

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